I have graduated from Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences in 2004
with the Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Management. Additionally I was participating a half-year Young Businessmen School organised in Wroclaw University
of Economics [PR, human resources’ and customer relationship management training].

In general, with the beginning of my studies I was interested in marketing, promotion and Internet. During my first professional experiences I have put gained knowledge into my work and got specialized in eCommerce, ePR, eMerchandising, photo shoot production and coordination in retail business [fashion].

Let me introduce to you my professional résumé:

fashion [clothing, accessories, jewellery, shoes]
photo shoot production and coordination [look book / catalogue and semi-image] for online store [works’ coordination at/on stage: collection, model, fitting room, photographer, graphiker, support, MUA, hair stylist], collection preparing: theme assortment, preparing mood boards according to fashion trends, fashion sets’ styling, packshot pictures’ organisation and collection, cooperation with photo studios in Poland, [look book / catalogue, semi-image and packshot photo shoots for eShop, image campaigns and packshot pictures for press and Internet], cooperation with model agencies in Poland and abroad [interaction with agencies, castings’ organisation and leading], direct cooperation with models,
dress- and hair- stylists.
Coordination of activities related to the proper functioning of the international online store [monitoring and improving the quality of content, images, categorization, products’ copywriting in accordance with the trends and principles of SEO], CMS use [product pictures upload], preparing statistical reports and analysis of online visits.
company: Ordipol Sp. z o. o. [ORSAY]
position: Internet Shop Coordinator / Photo shoot coordinator
time: since 09.2008

ORSAY fashion photo shoot coordination [image photo shoot: Look of the Week I]

ORSAY fashion photo shoot coordination [image photo shoot: Look of the Week II]

Look book / products’ photo shoots effects are available on ORSAY online store.

You are also welcome to read my portfolio posts on this blog:

shoes [womens’ and mens’ shoes, bags, belts, shoe cosmetics]
creating the sample products’ showroom, cooperation with a photographer, supervision and control of creation products’ catalogue offer [printed, advertising materials, Internet, press], cooperation with the stylists [press, TV] and preparing gift campaigns, cooperation with shopping centres [fashion shows, advertising materials, outdoor, merchandising / window styling], cooperation with printing houses and BTL, CI materials’ design [press, www, newsletters, shopping windows, Intranet], internal communication with PRIMA MODA shops.
company: PRIMA MODA S. A.
position: Marketing Assistant
time: 12.2007 – 03.2008

textile [promotional clothing and gadgets]
promotion and presentation of the collection, advertising materials’ design [Corel DRAW], cooperation with ad and printing houses, active business customer aquisition and care [2b2], negotiation, promotion and making offers
company: W.E.S.T. Polska Sp. z o. o.
position: Sales and Marketing Specialist
time: 07.2007 – 10.2007

tourist & hotel services [business client, business conference rooms’ rental]
hotel services promotion, cross-marketing campaigns with event agencies [fair trade, promotional/special offers], ePR [business- and social- portals: thematic forums], business customer care, advertising materials’ design [Corel DRAW], competitors’ marketing research
company: Wrocławskie Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Hotelarskich Sp. z o. o.
position: Marketing and Sales Specialist
time: 05.2005 – 07.2007

IT [systems: CRM, DDM, PDM, ERP]
competitors’ marketing research, media monitoring, contact centre, product presentation [Logotec CRM9000 +WE]
company: Logotec Enterprise S.A.
position: Marketing Assistant
time: 10.2004 – 05.2005

additional professional activities:
organisation, supervision and leading the creative castings for [photo]model in cooperation with Studio KWADRAT:


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